Shipping & Returns


0a. Orders are packed Sundays and mailed Mondays, except holidays. JAIYANDT does NOT offer same-day shipping to any location.

1a. All JAIYANDT orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) and its partnered international carriers.
1b. A fixed shipping rate is added to all orders unless specified otherwise (as part of a sale, discount, etc). This rate is subject to change without notice.
1c. All orders are sent in either kraft envelopes, kraft bubble mailers (no smaller than 8x5") or cardboard boxes.
1d. All customers receive an automated email once their order/s has/have shipped. Orders shipped in mailers/boxes have tracking numbers; orders shipped in envelopes do not.
1e. In some cases, an order is split into two shipments to minimize any damage to more delicate items. No additional shipping charge is applied in these cases.

2a. JAIYANDT is not liable for packages being delayed or returned due to inaccurate addresses. Please be sure your mailing information is correct before placing your order.
2b. JAIYANDT is not liable for packages damaged in transit.
2c. Shipments that return to the JAIYANDT mailbox, or are not listed by the USPS as "delivered" after 60 days, are considered to have failed.
2d. Packages that fail and return to the JAIYANDT mailbox will require JAIYANDT to contact the customer to inform them of the problem. JAIYANDT only contacts customers by email. Please be sure your email address is correct before placing an order.

3a. In the event of a failure, the customer can choose either:
    A. To ask JAIYANDT to try sending the package a second time at no charge, or
    B. To cancel the order, and have their money refunded.
3b. JAIYANDT will not make a third attempt to mail a package. Refunds are offered in these cases.
3c. Orders listed as "delivered" by the USPS do NOT qualify for a refund.
3d. Sometimes, the USPS successfully delivers a package to the customer but fails to list it as "delivered." In these cases, refunds are NOT offered.
3e. JAIYANDT cannot recover or re-send packages that are lost in the mail system. In these cases, a full refund is offered.

4a. For all other inquiries, send an email to